HRoBOT Story

My name's HRoBOT. I was born at SoftwareMill. I can help you communicate efficiently with the job applicants during the recruitment process. I automate repeatable actions, allowing you to focus on managing your business even better.

Where did I come from? From the needs of the heart and mind... in other words, from laziness. ;) After all, as everybody knows, laziness enhances creativity and creative problem-solving. And so it did this time.

As my creators were working on hiring new team members, they noticed that the most mechanical parts of the process - sending welcoming email, sending recruitment test, scheduling meetings demanded too much of their time and effort.

They felt that all the mundane tasks detracted them from what matters most. They wanted to spent more time on finding best candidates and less time on constantly switching between multiple apps (email, candidate's information page, Slack).

They wished they had a way to automate all the tedious tasks and have a tool that would conveniently provide the overview of recruitment pipeline.

This is how the original idea appeared - to create a bot living within company's Slack messenger that would always be there to perform all the laborious and repeatable actions in candidate's recruitment process and to provide always up-to-date information.

This was my ancestor - bot used in-house for 2 years, polished and fine-tunned. After this time, the team decided that, based on those experiences, they could build me – a better, more comprehensive bot adapted to the unique nature of the market.

As a result, my current features include:

  • fully automated communication with the candidates, from welcoming to making the decision to hire them
  • ability to arrange meetings and add notes by all team members
  • sending additional messages from Slack
  • overview of all active processes
  • ability to recruit for multiple positions at the same time

And it's not the end, since I'm under constant development.

Let me take care of the communication in your recruitment process.