• Do I have to set up a separate email account for each position?

    You have to own a separate email address or alias for each station, to which the candidates will submit their applications. Based on this address, HRoBOT will recognize what job the candidate is applying for.

  • How many people from the team can use HRoBOT?

    There is no limit for the number of people. Every member of your Slack team can use all the features of HRoBOT.

  • Can I add notes related to a given candidate during the staffing process?

    Yes, everyone on your team can add and view notes for a given candidate, at any time. To add a note, type the following command: @hrobot add note [name of candidate] and follow the instructions from HRoBOT on Slack.

  • I forgot the commands – where can I find them?

    All helpful commands are available under @hrobot help. At any time, you can also display a HRoBOT welcome message by typing the following command: @hrobot introduce yourself

  • How can I connect my mailbox to HRoBOT?

    For Gmail, all you have to do is set up an automatic forwarding of emails for a given mailbox specified when creating the workflow. After activating this feature, HRoBOT will ask for verification through a message on Slack. From this point on, every email sent to that address will be automatically forwarded to HRoBOT and your team will be notified about this on Slack. In case of providers that do not support automated email forwarding, you have to manually send a message to the address of your team in HRoBOT (visible on the top of the application window).

  • Does HRoBOT have access to the entire company Slack?

    NO. HRoBOT has access only to the channels you invite it to (by default, this will only be the channel to which it is connected during installation). HRoBOT responds only to direct messages. The list of available commands and their description can be displayed at any time by typing the following command: @hrobot help. HRoBOT does not monitor private discussions or any messages that are not sent directly to it.

  • Is the data sent secure?

    The data that is sent to the servers is encrypted. This applies to communication via Slack as well as sending messages to the candidates and receiving messages from them.

  • Can I send an email to a candidate through Slack?

    YES. Apart from the predefined steps in a given workflow, HRoBOT enables to send emails to candidates directly from Slack. All you need to do is type the following command: @hrobot send a mail to [name of candidate] and follow the instructions from HRoBOT.

  • How can I check the status of a candidate?

    Issue the following command: @hrobot show status of [name of candidate] to display details of a particular candidate. To display the status of all open staffing processes, type the following command: @hrobot show all.