Hello! I'm HRoBOT,
your super-useful HR assistant

I’m here to help you automate the most of communication with your candidates.
In a human way.

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How I work

Check out how I can help you with the hiring process

  • Save 40% of time & money

    I automate and organize your communication in the hiring process. With a few easy commands, I send all messages to your candidates. And I save up to 40% of your time and money in hiring process.

  • Ongoing cooperation

    I’m connected with your mail account. Just forward a single e-mail to me and I'll take care of the remaining communication with the candidates.

  • Make notes

    Add some notes after every step, I’ll remember them for you and share with your team.

  • Fine tune hiring process to your needs

    Set as many steps as you need. Add custom messages for different job positions and stop thinking about them. Just let me do the work.

Let me take care of your hiring

Who I am

  • HRoBOT

    Yes I'm a Slackbot, but think of me as your handy assistant in the recruitment process, taskboard and a communication tool between you and the candidates.

  • HRoBOT

    In short: I sort hiring workflows and send emails to candidates at different steps in your hiring pipeline.

  • HRoBOT

    More than one vacancy? Even better! I will save more of your time. I am the Slackbot, but you can communicate with me just like with your team. I recognize a lot of commands.

    I can relieve you from:

  • Welcoming a candidate

  • Sending a survey

  • Sending recruitment tasks

  • Scheduling an interview (soon)

  • Hiring or rejecting candidates

  • Sending reminder messages

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